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A Certain Cast of Light, by Jonathan B Walker (me!)

A Certain Cast of Light, by Jonathan B Walker (me!)

As a prosperous farmer refusing on principle to sign oaths of loyalty to either the newly formed American government or the English King, Deliverance Bennett has much to lose at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. When the Redcoats arrive at his doorstep, he is pressured into committing treasonous in order to keep his sons away from what he believes will be a certain blood bath.

 A Certain Cast of Light takes place in Fairfield, Connecticut, a quiet country town that finds itself caught in the crosswinds of war, its residents plagued by poisoned wells and vicious retaliations, violent raids, smugglers and highwaymen. Wedged between the Loyalist-leaning New York City and the ardent Patriots of New England, it is a place where ever-shifting alliances turn neighbor against neighbor and tear families apart. The novel is narrated by Deliverance Bennett’s son Haynes in the form of a memoir written fifty years after 2,000 Redcoats march past his house on their way to destroy a military depot in nearby Danbury. The actions his father takes during the war not only shame and enrage Haynes, they open doors to grave dangers with tragic and lasting consequences for all. The novel shows that the arc of any person’s life is peppered with its share of heart-wrenching conflicts, dark secrets and missed opportunities, and how over time and in spite of an altered landscape, these echoes of the past are handed down to future generations, remembered and forgotten and remembered again.

  1. Looks wonderful. Congratulations!

  2. Jono, Looking forward to reading ” A Certain Cast of Light”. Hoping to attend the event in Westport. Please keep us posted as to its location.

  3. Eric Buchroeder says:

    Well, good, old friend, how wonderful to see this dream of yours come true. You have told this story for over 50 years. No one better than you to put it in print and share it.

  4. Margaret Hart Rynshall says:

    Way to go, Jono! Can’t wait to read it and relive some local history.

  5. Oh wow, can’t wait to read it

  6. Wow. You got it published! Good for you Jono. If you are coming to the Halls Saturday please bring a copy and I’ll bring a check.

  7. Martha Press says:

    Jono, Enjoyed reading the book. Good job!
    Loved seeing you and Julia at the Historical Society. Come to town again PLEASE and call!
    Would love to talk to you about the book too….

    • Thanks, M&D for your support! So great to see you and some other old friends at the Historical Society. I’ve been trying to get another book going. Meanwhile,would love to talk about A Certain CAst of Light. Call anytime. 717-682-5084.

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