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837 Down

837 Down – 663 To Go

2017 is now one for the books. It’s been six years since I challenged myself to read a total 1500 books before I croak.  This blog continues to be dedicated to that humble, yet daunting goal.  In spite of being consumed with finishing my own book, A Certain Cast of Light, I managed to read a total of 13 books in 2017, bringing my grand total of completed books to 837.

That leaves me with 663 to go which means I’m well past the halfway mark, a milestone with quite a ring to it. Nonetheless, there is no way of getting around the fact that I am presently 65 years old.  At my current pace I’ll need to live until I’m 98 and retain all my marbles for that entire span to reach my goal of 1500.

It’s not going to be easy to read all those books. But I plan to die trying!