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My name is Jono Walker and I want to read 1,500 books in my lifetime.  This blog is dedicated to that humble goal.  I figure 1500 books is a nice round number for a mere mortal reader such as myself.  To me, reading is sort of like planting lettuce seeds in a cold frame only better. Three or four weeks after you start a new book, fresh green shoots appear. Ply the seedlings from the ground and transplant them around the garden and all kinds of interesting and often quite unexpected things take root.

I will try and post on this page once a week, probably over the weekends.  Sometimes I will write a review of a book I have just finished.  Other times I will write about a book I’ve read in the past or I might take a look at whatever else comes out of the cold frame.

Should there be any fellow readers out there who check this site from time to time my hope is that you will leave your comments along with recommendations for other books to read.  Having a good and trusty reading list is half the battle.   The more recommendations I receive, the better my chances of getting to the 1500 target.  Maybe this will inspire others to set and reach their lifetime reading goals too.  That would be a nice added benefit!