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17th and 18th Century US History

17th & 18th Century U.S. History

Books* = Highly Recommended

John Paul Jones, Lincoln Lorenz
A Few Acres of Snow, Robert Leckie
1776*, David McCullough
Mayflower*, Nathaniel Philbrick
Infamous Scribblers, Eric Burns
Love and Hate in Jamestown, David Frick
Alexander Hamilton American*, Richard Brookhiser
John Paul Jones, Evan Thomas
Descent from Glory, Paul Nagel
Washington Goes to War, David Brinkley
Thomas Jefferson, An Intimate History, Fawn Brodie
Benjamin Franklin*, Walter Isaacson
Undaunted Courage, Steven Ambrose
John James Audubon – The Making of an American*, Richard Rhodes
Patriots, A.J. Languth
American Scoundrel, Thomas Keneally
The First American*, H.W. Brands
Saratoga*, Richard Ketchum
American Sphinx*, Joseph Ellis
Founding Brothers*, Joseph Ellis
The Winter Soldiers, Richard Ketchum
Gleamings from the Sea, Joseph W. Smith
Scandal Monger, William Safire

Jefferson, The Art of Power, Jon Meacham

Nature’s God, Matthew Stewart