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20th Century US History

20th Century US History – WWI & WWII

Books* = Highly Recommended

Franklin and Winston*, Jon Meacham
Pegasus Bridge, Steven Ambrose
Citizen Soldiers*, Steven Ambrose
They Have Their Exits, Airey Neave
D-Day, Anthony Beevor
Stalingrad, Anthony Beevor
Dreadnought, Robert Massie
The Last Lion*, William Manchester
American Caesar, Douglas McArthur*, William Manchester
Goodbye Darkness, William Manchester
Meeting at Potsdam, Charles L. Mee
The March of Folly, Barbara Tuchman
Guns of August*, Barbara Tuchman
The Good War*, Studs Terkel
Enigma*, Robert Harris
Why the Allies Won, Richard Overy
Nothing Less Than Victory, Russell Miller
The Real War, Richard Nixon
A Stillness Heard Round the World, Stanley Weintraub
Roosevelt’s Secret War, Joseph Persico
Over Here, Raymond Seitz
Flags of our Fathers, James Bradley

The Boys in the Boat*, Daniel James Brown