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Why 1,500?

Why 1500?

I know … 1500 books over an entire lifetime doesn’t sound like all that many – until you sit down and do the math.  Then you realize it is a fairly ambitious target – especially if you still need to make a living and when you get home from all of that living-making there’s a couch with your name on it and a Netflix movie all set to download or a good game to watch on cable.  Distractions like that are enough to crimp anybody’s reading habits so I’d say 1500 books in this day and age is probably above average. Of course, I am fully aware that 1500 books isn’t much compared to history’s truly prodigious readers such as Winston Churchill who once estimated he was on track to read around 5000 books in his lifetime.  And a lifetime target of 1500 books probably seems like a misprint or some kind of pathetic joke to the book bloggers out there who I’ve Googled and who seem to be reading and commenting on books faster than I can down a bag of Oreos.  I can’t expect to compete with literary luminaries like that.  I just want to be honestly “well read” and to go to my grave knowing that I gave the best written works of mankind a reasonable run for the money.